jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Everything I need, and more.

All I wanted to do was draw, and then think, and then draw again.
But not today. Because today, February 17, I felt tangible happiness. It's weird and definitely not easy to explain- anyway I'll try.
Imagine an average Thursday. Three classes in the morning, one of them spent having breakfast with Juan, another one drawing terrible things (not inspired at all), and the last one talking to Pablo. And then we realized we didn't want to study before lunch. It wasn't cold so we chose to sit at a terrace for a while.
And then, suddenly and most inexpectedly, happiness. I ordered an ice coffee (always been a favourite) and sat there talking to my wonderful friends (Alba was also there). The sun was shining on my face. Problems started fading away. We were young and watched people rushing everywhere but we chose not to hurry. There and then I felt in peace with the world.
Rich people are those who don't need many things to be happy. So here, instead of "when Fashion meets Art", it should be written "Diaries of a Millionaire", because I have the most incredible (often idiot and naughty, but incredible anyway) friends in the whole world.
And I feel happy.

2 comentarios:

  1. Lo siento por devolverte el comment tan tarde.
    Te sigo.
    Me encanta tu blog, dibujas genial no, lo siguiente, yo soy pésima dibujando jajajaja ahora me estoy poniendo a practicar a ver si consigo mejorar algo pero lo dudo.
    Por cierto, me encantan los dibujos de los gadgets de los lados, sobre todo el de Audrey Hepburn y Adriana Lima, dos grandes iconos que me inspiran.
    Un besazo.

  2. me encantan tus dibujo, te he dejado un premio en mi blog, pasate :) besos