lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

tonight, we are young.

Tonight I want to share with you the drawings I made as a birthday present for my great friend SOFI, who some days ago turned 21.

She keeps drawings by me since I was 11 (never to be seen, I hope). She's the hippy-boho one, and the future dentist of my children. She´s always wanted me to design her wedding dress, which means she's crazy too... ;)

Obviously the dress remains a mystery, but here are the other drawings I made for her. And probably I'll wear that headpiece to her huge party if it fits my dress!

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  1. Wow!! You are an incredible artist!! I love looking at your drawings :) I saw your comment/entry for the Boticca giveaway on Andy's Stylescrapbook - thought you may like another chance to win!

    I've also got a Boticca giveaway on my blog - so enter if you like!! This is the direct link:

    ❤ Morgan (from Australia)
    Musician & Fashion Designer blogging @ MOJOmade